WordPress themes for your Cleaning Business

Your website for cleaning businesses can be ready in 15 minutes

1. Professional - Single purchase WordPress themes

If you know how to work with the WordPress environment or have a person in your company who will deal with your website, you can buy a WordPress theme for $450 that is ready for your cleaning business.

Our themes contain seven basic pages that are fully optimized for cleaning websites. After installing the theme through the customizer, you can enter basic information about your cleaning business (business name, address, phone number, working hours, email address, and booking software account). When you enter all the necessary information, it will be automatically applied to all pages via a variable code, so the text will automatically display the name of your company and other information in the places provided for the company name.

Since the themes are created in the Elementor environment, all colors, text, and other settings are made with the help of global variables so that, for example, you can change the colors on the entire site from one place in three seconds.

All themes are fully adaptable to all booking software and external plugins and scripts, and our team strives to make the themes compatible with the latest requirements of our clients.

By purchasing the theme, you get all the content, images, and features you can see in the demo installation.

The homepage service slider that some of our themes have is our product that you also get with the theme, but it currently works only in combination with Launch27 booking software because only Launch27 has an API in its offer. If one of the booking software decides to create one in the future API for your software, our team will be happy to adapt the slider to new API solutions.

Booking Software – ThemeStreet themes are created and adapted to each booking software, but when you buy a theme, you don’t get the booking software for free. You have to buy it separately.

2. Premium - WaaS WordPress themes

ThemeStreet Premium WordPress themes are created only for our WaaS customers and cannot be purchased separately but can be rented with WaaS plans.

Premium themes have everything from professional themes even more layouts, more pages, and service pages with content and premium images adapted to the cleaning business. Premium themes are created in the Elementor PRO environment. Within the theme, you have a gallery with premium cleaning photos for which we (ThemeStreet) organized a photo shoot. The ThemeStreet photos cannot be purchased anywhere on the Internet. They only can be rented with the theme.

Premium themes also have an integrated Lead Capture widget on the home page. The ThemeStreet Lead Capture slider is positioned on the home page and allows the client to enter his data before seeing the prices on your booking page. If, for some reason, he leaves the booking page, you will have his data and will be able to contact him later.