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Booking slider options

To add a booking slider to your page, you can use the [bd-l27-slider] shortcode on any page where you’d like it to appear.

Of course, there’s a variety of attributes you can use to customize it a bit more:

  • ‘username’ – your Launch27 username (default value is the one set in the Customizer)
  • ‘tax’ – Tax amount you’re using on Launch27 (default value is 0.0)
  • ‘button’ – Button text (default value is “Schedule an appointment”)
  • ‘currency’ – Your currency sign (default value is $)
  • ‘bookingpage’ – Your booking page URL
  • ‘layout’ – Layout design (‘slider’ or ‘dropdown’, default is ‘slider’)
  • ‘color’ – Accent color in hex code (default is your theme color)

Example of a custom attribute added: [bd-l27-slider button=”BOOK NOW”]

This shortcode will display a slider with a “BOOK NOW” button.

This tutorial is meant to be used only with our “One-time purchase themes”.

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