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Nine Reasons To Opt For A One-Page Website?

Regardless of the size and the field of business, an online presentation is a must. People are familiar with the importance of having a website and largely opt for multiple page websites when developing their company’s online identity. Are they making the right choice?
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Classical multiple-page websites, filled with content, images and drop down menus are the right solution for companies that offer diversity of products and need to have numerous information displayed. Are they right for you as well?

A growing trend in one–page web design has been noticed. Composed out of only one page, these websites respond to the demand for easy navigation, less time consuming information search, straightforwardness and lack of any unnecessary text. In addition to the compact design, easy installation and visual appeal, one-page websites are easy to use and maybe most importantly, they engage visitors by making them stay active on the page.

What are the main gains of one-page websites?

1. Instant information access.

If you do not frequently update your website with new content, but you do have a main goal of giving specific information and directing the users to your product, then a one-page website is the way to go. Along with placing the essential product information on one page, this kind of website highlights the important content allowing visitors an instant access to the desired information, bypassing searching and roaming through numerous pages.

2. Uniqueness and originality.

Even though multiple-page websites can be quite creative and original, one-page websites get creativity to a whole new level. With devoting more time to the design instead of the page layout, designers can create a unique and original experience through the limitless options of lovely images and sliding texts, making your website more appealing and even inspirational. 

3. Reader engagement

The world we live in sees time as luxury, which is why time consumption must be taken as a factor when making a website and filling it with content.  You have 15 seconds to engage an average reader and interest them to stay on the website until scrolling down to the end of the page. In order for this to be achieved, certain amount of novelty, creativity and effort in content making needs to take place – which most certainly pays off when the end product is an interesting website with engaged visitors.

4. Easy set up  

For setting up your own one page website, you can hire a designer or try using a ready template. It takes only a few minutes with basic computer skills, and most vendors offer support

5. Easier Maintenance

As far as maintenance is concerned, it is reduced to a minimum. Of course, this conclusion comes as obvious and logical, since updating one page takes significantly less time than when it comes to multiple page websites.

6. Great for SEO 

Optimization is one of the key points to have in mind when creating a website. One-page websites are already taking the lead since there is only one page to be optimized, shifting the focus on the importance of the content. How to optimize your one-page website the right way? Just follow the advice of our own experts.

7.Looks great on all devices.

Before smart phones and tablets appeared, the only important thing was to make sure the website fits all screen resolutions and browsers. One-page websites go around this problem, since they are platform universal and can be viewed on any device with more intuitive user experience.  

8. Easy to navigate.

Due to the fact that one page websites are not so common, users are largely surprised or impressed bythis relatively new and on the rise trend of parallax scrolling. As far as navigating is concerned, users do not need to go through the website searching for information, rather scroll down through headers until they found the desired content. In addition, they will be informed on other features but not overwhelmed or bothered with the amount of text and superfluous information.

9. Excellent solution for presenting new products

One page websites are the best solution if you are launching a new product or want to draw attention to one particular area of your business. Think of it as if it was a products page or a specific virtual hangout place for customers, consumers, clients to inform themselves on what you have to say or offer.

Even though one-page websites are not for everybody, such as large companies with mounts of products and data, others like start-ups, small businesses, designers, freelancers etc. can have one page working for them when it comes to advertising and information sharing, needless to say in a modern, interesting and user friendly way.  

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