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How To Choose A Template For Your Website?

First question to ask yourself when building a website and plunging into meticulous template search is “Where do you reach for information first?

The apparent answer is “The internet.” Since the internet has indeed become the first stop in information search, you need to make sure that your website provides all the necessary information about your practice. Besides providing contact information, websites actually have a task of engaging the visitors, making them interested, while at the same time enabling a user friendly experience.

It is clear that there is more to website design than just choosing the right template colour and placing the information on the page. You need to make sure that the colours are right, that you have the right amount of information on the website as well as call to action. Visitors must start trusting you as soon as they visit your website in order to start considering the decision of becoming your patients. How can all of that be accomplished through a website? Believe it or not, the overall impression that you want to leave on your soon to be clients actually depends on your choice of the right website template.

Choosing the right website template does not have to be difficult if you take the right approach and ask yourself the right questions. Here is a checklist which can help you start:

#1. Who is your target audience?

Who are the people that will Google you? If you are running a medical practice, then your target group are adults. This does not mean that you will not be treating children; it only means that they are not your primary audience. The information about your field of work must be highlighted with professional design, informative content and, above all, user friendly navigation. Services you offer should be highlighted on the page so that everyone interested knows that at the first glance.

#2. Which style do you have in mind when it comes to web design?

When talking about medical practice web sites, the safest would be to go with the professional design. When a client comes to your web page, you want them to feel that they can trust you and consider you as their first and right choice. If your aim is to look professional, secure, and serious – make it apparent.

#3. How many pages should the website have?

The most convenient choice for a website probably is a one-page website. With these websites, you have the opportunity to present your services, treatments, physician and practice information on a single page, making everything organized and classified. A multiple-page website requires more copy, images, but is a good choice as well

#4. What are the right colors?

If you have never thought about it, now is the right time as colors affect our mood, behaviour, desires, choices, and decisions. In this respect, you can choose template colours such as blue, white and grey since they evoke trust, clarity and comfort – the feelings you want your clients to have when thinking about your company and browsing through the website.

#5. Will you have an online form?

An online form can be beneficial for your website since filling in forms, setting up appointments or submitting information online saves time and improves efficiency.

#6. Is it compatible to other browsers and devices?

Browser and device compatibility should definitely be one of your priorities. The number of users who access websites and search for information through their mobile phone is increasing, which is why you need to make sure that your website will be mobile compatible.

#7. Should there be a map?

Yes, if it is necessary for your business. You can implement a map on your website or create a Google+ page Giving your location to the visitor is crucial information that can be provided easily, and have enormous benefits.

#8. How important a call to action is?

Buttons for “find out more” or “ask for a quote” should be visible, in prominent colours and easily accessible since they engage the visitors, inform themselves of your services,  and start trusting you.

#9. Is it good to have a blog, testimonials or researches?

Another thing that calls for specific attention and prospect’s involvement are blogs, testimonials and even research publications. If done right, these can serve as network builders between your business and your future clients. Information is something we long for, as we are insatiable when it comes to knowing, especially if there is some gain in it for us. For example, people who wish to improve their health will appreciate all the information they can get regarding their illnesses, conditions, preventions and health in general.

Besides determining how user friendly you website will be, the right template can determine the recognisability of your practice. It is very important to acknowledge that your personal preferences and expectations are not what is important in this case, but what the preferences of the majority are. In addition, the type of information and your services will play a vital role when it comes to web page style. If you want to play it safe, hire a professional who will not only advise you on template choice, but provide you with invaluable customer support in terms of customization and optimization processes. 

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