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Google PageSpeed Insight Tool: Score 100/100

Every online content should be in line with today's trends and the speed of life, which has increased rapidly only in the last few years. People are less and less tolerant of waiting and expect to be able to find or acquire everything they want in the shortest possible time.
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For the website to be ranked high, and recognized as credible, one of the crucial parameters is page speed. It represents the time that passes from the moment you try to access the desired page on the browser to the moment when the requested content is displayed.

Google PageSpeed Insight Tool is not only an excellent way but also a leading parameter used by many successful companies to provide their users with the best possible experience. To enable adequate access to your website and ensure the desired performance, you need to understand the principle by which the Google PageSpeed Tool works, as well as what is the appropriate score you need to achieve.

Why the page speed is important for a website?

Did you know that even more than 90% of people do not go on the second Google page? This is why it’s important to meet all the necessary criteria to ensure search engine optimization and raise the rating of your website. Digital presence is everything if you want to do business successfully online and page speed gives your website a chance to rank higher on Google. Besides that, page speed also affects the user’s experience and satisfaction, as well as the conversion rate.

Be aware that each aspect of your web page affects speed, starting with the chosen programming language, embedded images, videos, and other elements.

Score 100/100 on Google PageSpeed Insight Tool

When it comes to page speed, your goal should be to reach a score of 100. To achieve this, you first need to know what level you’re at right now and what is slowing down your website. You can do this by accessing the Google PageSpeed Insight Tool and entering your website’s URL into the search bar. After the analysis, you will get a complete report about your website, as well as what are the possible disruptors affecting the performance and what are the possible solutions. At first, it may seem difficult to achieve the fabulous 100, but by following the proper guidelines provided by this Google tool, it’s possible to achieve the desired goal, optimize the page, and therefore provide a better experience to all visitors to
your website.

What to do to achieve a score of 100 on the Google PageSpeed Insight Tool?

Nothing happens overnight, not in the real world and not even in the digital one. To achieve the desired score and speed of your website, it’s still necessary to invest time and effort. And of course, we come to the most common question, how to do it?

As already mentioned, different elements of your web page affect the speed at which it will operate. These are some of the most common parameters that affect page speed:

  1. Images – One of the reasons why the speed of your page isn’t good enough can be the size of the images. If the embedded images are in large format, your website will most likely be slowed down and in that case, it’s necessary to reformat the images. The simplest way to do this is compression, with which you can save more than 50% of the space of your page.
  2. Browser caching – By using browser caching, you make it easier for the page to operate, which certainly contributes to a higher speed. Browser caching remembers the same previously loaded elements, so that every time a visitor moves to another page of your website, the same elements, such as your logo or basic company information, don’t have to be reloaded.
  3. Code minification – To speed up your website, it’s often necessary to reduce the space taken up by your programming codes. This process is about removing unnecessary or duplicate data. This includes formatting, fixing, and shortening code, as well as removing unused ones.
  4. Accelerate mobile pages (AMP) – By creating an open-source code that removes unnecessary content and thus allows your website to load quickly on smartphones, you’re providing a better experience to your users.

Does all this sound difficult or maybe even impossible? Building a brand in the digital environment is definitely not an easy job, but it is far from impossible. Try this awesome Google PageSpeed Insight Tool and check the status of any competitor’s website. Not bad, right? Now, imagine your advantage over them if you had a score of 100/100!

ThemeStreet and Page Speed

Every service we offer is carefully designed to provide the best possible experience for our customers. If you’ve felt discouraged until now, because you didn’t know how to improve your online presence, be assured that this is no longer one of your problems. Each of our clients can ensure high website speed and a score of 100 on the Google PageSpeed Insight Tool, because we have excellent servers.

One of the best solutions for your business is WaaS, i.e. Website as a service, which allows easy online access to your platform, without having to take care of complicated technological stuff. Within our WaaS system, you have the opportunity to reach a score of 100/100, because we made sure to optimize everything, starting from the server, environment, theme, etc.

Check out the status of just one of our clients on the PageSpeed tool and then decide if you want to try and make some big changes in your business: And of course, don’t forget that our team of professionals is at your disposal at any time, for consultations, doubts, and any kind of help.


Achieving success is not easy, but it’s much easier if you have a team of experts who can help you. If you know your goal and mission, it’s totally okay to let professionals take care of the asset to your success. Page speed is an essential, basic parameter that must be satisfied to achieve the superb efficiency of your digital presence. So use our experience and skills and discover the highest limits.

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