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A good-looking website is essential for getting new customers

Whatever you do, you need to be noticed, so people can recognize the quality of your services. The digital era hasn’t been a novelty for a long time, but an established lifestyle you literally can’t live without. Web presence is no longer an option, but a basic necessity if you want to see desired results and achieve all goals. Whether you’re engaged in the IT field, offer beauty services or bake pizza, you need to exist in the online world to thrive in your business. Like in the real world, the road to success is also difficult in the digital context and perhaps even more challenging because the competition is getting more extensive and more advanced. Behavior in this environment is a science in itself, and if you know certain tricks and hacks, you can increase the chances for your business to grow and develop in the direction you want.
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Textual content

The products or services you offer should be presented properly to be noticed and attractive to a potential customer. Besides the image that makes the first impression, the textual content must be created to describe what you offer in the right way. However, it’s not enough to simply retell what your product does or what your service achieves, attention must be focused on meaning, context, and appropriate choice of words.

You need to think about different profiles of people when you create textual content because you never know who might be interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, the message you send must be legible, clear, simple, and not too long. The point is that anyone who reads the text can understand what you want to say. Try to use lowercase letters, without caps lock, so you don’t appear offensive and unprofessional. 

It’s very important to think about your target audience. For example, if you sell children’s video games, your website content should be humorous, creative, and appropriate for the age group you’re targeting. 

Also, choosing the right keywords is necessary for the search engine to recognize the relevance of your text.


It’s said that a photo speaks a thousand words and that’s not far from the truth. In fact, images are what first attract attention and most important, trigger emotions. Some statistics show that people prefer images over text because a large percentage learn and remember information through visuals. Photos on the website should be authentic. There may be many other companies doing the same business as you, but you must be different from the rest in one way or another. Make sure potential users recognize it. 

First of all, you should make your own photos. Try not to download from other websites, but create unique ones. That way you leave a personal mark and stand out from the very beginning.

If you use text on photos, try not to use it much, so you’ll keep the viewer’s attention on the content.

Other people’s faces attract attention, so you should try using them.

Background images are a great way to achieve the vibe and atmosphere on your page that you want. Try to be consistent and post content that matches the previously used theme.

Also, clickable images attract and lead potential users to the desired page where they can get the information they need.

Design and user interface

The visual effect of your website must be one of the priorities. It makes the first impression when a potential user accesses your page. Considering the numerous opportunities that digital marketing offers us and its accessibility, standing out in the sea of competition can be a big challenge. Think about what makes you different from others and how you can present it with web design. Statistical data indicate that many details and elements do not hold attention, moreover, strain the eyes of viewers, which is why minimalism is an increasingly common choice.

Psychology of the colors also plays a big role when designing a page or website. It’s very important to know how the chosen colors affect the website visitor. For example, the blue color represents stable authority and is great for businesses such as real estate, while the green color suggests health, so it’s great if you work in the nutrition field, fitness, or psychological counseling.

On the other hand, user interface design is all about interaction with potential consumers and conversions. UI is extremely important because that’s how you can turn potential customers into buyers. Besides aesthetics, the user interface is important because it optimizes the efficiency and responsiveness of your website.

Good experience – conversion

Every visit to your website or a certain page is a user experience, and therefore a chance for them to do what we want – to act. For the user to become a new consumer of your products or services, the website or page must meet his needs and provides the appropriate information that the user is looking for in a way that is simple and doesn’t require a long, exhaustive search. To put it simply, good user experience means: 

  • Useful – product/service and website
  • Usable – easy to use
  • Desirable – provokes desire and respect for the brand
  • Findable – easy to find
  • Accessible – to every group of people (disabled also)
  • Credible – provides trust
  • Valuable – achieves the goal and provides satisfaction

But how can you design a good user experience and ensure conversion?

  1. Find out how your users think, and what are their expectations, wishes, and needs.
  2. Domain knowledge – pay attention to what is special about your users and what makes them stand out from others.
  3. Try to put yourself in your users’ shoes to understand them better.

Google PageSpeed

Page speed is the time it takes for the browser to process and display the requested content and Google PageSpeed refers to tools that help optimize website performance. Page speed is one of the most important elements when it comes to website quality, and therefore the user experience. It directly affects SEO and ranking and it’s very important to pay attention to this parameter. You will probably agree that nowadays people have less time, but also less patience. There are high expectations of modern technology, and one of the most important requirements is speed. No one wants to waste time waiting anymore and to ensure a good user experience, you need to offer your consumers what they want. For example, Pristine Clean od DFW is one of the websites that do it successfully. Page speed satisfies Google’s criteria, which will most likely contribute to a better experience during the search, but also ensure that the user visits this website again.


The eye of the beholder is very sensitive, so you must know who you are creating content for. Once you’ve established that, you can address specific elements that improve your website’s performance, as well as its presence on the web. People are visual beings and they will more often choose pretty and attractive. On the other hand, online business is much more than just design, so quality depends on many factors that need to be dealt with carefully and continuously.

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