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How to Start a Cleaning Business in a Few Simple Steps

How To Start A Cleaning Business In A Few Simple Steps

Cleaning Business Strategy

Wondering if it’s possible to create a successful business that operates with minimal effort on your part?

Our answer is yes, it is possible!

Our story doesn’t come from our own experience; we’re merely witnesses to the fate of about 5,000 cleaning companies. We’ve seen where they’ve made mistakes, the problems in their business, and also what the solutions are for each cleaning company’s issues.

As a company that has been supporting cleaning businesses around the world for over 10 years, we assert with confidence that hundreds of successful cleaning businesses have been launched with minimal effort and investment by the founders, and they continue to operate successfully and grow to this day.

ThemeStreet, founded in 2010, initially focused on broader web development before partnering with Launch27, a company that made excellent software (perhaps the best in the world) for managing a Cleaning business. This software is used for booking, organizing work, billing cleaning appointments, and paying employees and co-workers.

From 2014 until now, we’ve helped more than 5,000 cleaning businesses and witnessed significant financial gains, growth in cleaning companies, as well as significant downturns. Our role was to make cleaning businesses visible in their service areas. To serve 5,000 businesses over 10 years, we needed huge resources, so we decided to direct all our resources toward the cleaning industry. We’ve witnessed significant ups and downs in the business but learned a lot from it all. We’ve delved so deeply into the essence of the cleaning business that many business owners and cleaning influencers, who don’t even work with us, contact us for advice or solutions for their cleaning business.

How To Start A Cleaning Business In A Few Simple Steps

In this text, we will try to help you find out if the cleaning business is a perfect job for you

Are you someone who has invested a lot of time in education, in schools? Do you want to become a cleaning company owner? Do you want to earn $1 million annually with very little investment? Do you want to travel the world while your cleaning company brings in money (so-called passive income)?

If so, stop reading, because this business is not for you!

To become an owner of a successful Cleaning business, and of course, to be successful in what you do, first and foremost, you must love your job, just like in any other profession.

The ideal candidate for owning a successful cleaning business is you, only if you:

  • Are responsible
  • Have worked in this industry in the past
  • Prefer to tidy your kitchen before sitting down to eat after coming home from work
  • Feel happy when scrubbing an item from the basement that’s been gathering dust for years
  • Straighten and reposition a rug in your room if it’s wrinkled
  • Know how to save earned money
  • Enjoy advising people who work with you

This may sound like a joke, but believe us, it’s not far from the truth 🙂

Now, let’s guide you through a few key things for starting a cleaning business.

1. Employment

The most important thing is finding workers, a team, or associates to work for you, which is simultaneously the biggest problem in the cleaning industry. Simply put, people no longer want to do this job.

As promised, we’ll also talk about solutions, and the best one is that you have previously worked in a cleaning company as a cleaner. Working as a cleaner in an agency will give you experience in this field and also help you meet your future associates! If you know someone who does this job, ask them to start working for you – this is the best solution, as it will save you a lot of time in selecting quality workers!

Another option is to use ads and hiring platforms, and we have our own, called GrooveHiring 🙂

To shorten the time spent looking for quality workers, create detailed questionnaires for interviewing candidates, which will also show your seriousness as an employer.

There are two variants you can offer as a business owner: you can offer a job or a partnership. The partnership has proven to be a Win-Win solution for both you as the owner of a Cleaning business and for your associate. With a partnership, your associate and you gain business freedom.

By partnering, you’ve initially reduced costs, as you can agree with your associate that they travel to the client in their car, use their tools, and their cleaning supplies, and in return, offer them 50% of the gross income.

On the other hand, the associate doesn’t have to look for clients or worry about billing. With this move, you, as the business owner, will be the connection between the client and the cleaner, and for this service, you can earn 50% of the gross amount charged for cleaning. Great, isn’t it?

2. Establishment of a cleaning company

Once you’ve found a worker or associate, the next step is to set up a company, a bank account, and Stripe.

3. Booking software for the cleaning business

Then comes finding the ideal booking software for your business; our recommendation is Launch27. Check their website for prices and features that meet your needs. They offer multiple packages, with prices ranging from $59 to $299 per month.

Using this software will bring you multiple benefits. It offers integration with Stripe payment, allowing you to accept credit card payments. If your associate also has a Stripe account, paying them can be automated.

In your Launch27 account, you can set all your services, service prices, duration of each service, and availability during the workday.

This way, customers can calculate the price for the required service by selecting the desired services, booking the desired appointment, and paying with their card. This process eliminates the need for you to spend time talking to customers, issuing invoices, and being present at the cleaning location.

Launch27 Booking Form
Launch27 booking form

4. Visual Identity (Branding)

If you want to last in your business, visual identity is something you must work on. Hire a designer to create a logo, colors, and other parts of your company’s identity. Your branding is what people will remember and associate with you. Don’t let a client who was satisfied with your service forget about you. When someone remembers your logo, they will recall your company years later when they see your vehicle bearing your company’s logo, awakening memories of quality, and think to themselves, “Hey, this cleaning company does a perfect job, let’s call them again!”

Ask a local print shop to print t-shirts with your business logo and necessary information, distribute them to your associates, brand your vehicle, give a pen with your company’s logo to each customer – let them remember you when they need to write something down. Be creative (or hire professionals). 🙂

5. Website for the cleaning business

The next thing is your website for the cleaning business. A website is one of the most important things – it’s your company’s presentation, where potential customers can find all the necessary information about your company and services. Based on the quality of information, the customer will decide whether to choose your company or your competitor’s.

To stand out from other competitive sites, your website must contain information about the company, how long you’ve been in business, who the owner is, what services you offer, in which areas you provide your services, what supplies you use… Strive to display as much information as possible on the site, so potential customers can find everything they need to choose you.

It’s also very important to display the booking form from your Launch27 platform on the site, so customers can book services online.

Essentially, your website should completely replace you as a cleaning business owner, with your job being only to monitor your business.

6. Marketing for the Cleaning Business

As in any business, marketing is key. You might have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it, its value is zero, nothing.

After you’ve created a cleaning website, linked it with Launch27 software, found workers, and set up your company, it’s time for people to hear about you.

The hardest part is the beginning, as no one knows about you, not even someone who knows you and is a potential customer.

The best marketing for cleaning businesses and other local businesses is “Word of Mouth” marketing, but to have someone speak well of you, you need to prove yourself, get someone to write a nice review about you, tell a friend how satisfied they are with the new company in the neighborhood, how their home sparkles 🙂

For online businesses, the most important thing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which our company can help you with our SEO plans. By building content, you ensure a secure position in the display on all Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing… So, even if you do not pay for advertising on advertising platforms, your company will appear in the search when a potential customer enters the term for search: “Cleaning company in my area“.

Today, there are many ways and types of marketing, and the cheapest is online marketing (Google, Facebook, Instagram). There are many guides on the internet on how to start a marketing campaign from home, but you can always contact experts for these things!

Create your Facebook page, Instagram profile, or TikTok account, all of which can bring potential clients to your site, and every potential client can bring money into your pocket, so try to engage as many as possible. More customers, more money for you and your associates 😉

What’s next?

Once you’ve managed to do all this, jobs come next. Strive to do each job as well as possible, especially in the first year of your business, and don’t allow a single mistake, be polite to your customers.

Finding house cleaners is like finding a good hairdresser; if someone lets you into their home to clean their oven, know that this person trusts you, respect that and don’t worry about your business. Trust is returned with trust.

Every beginning is hard, but if you invest your time (about a year) and your money (around $1,500 per month) into this business, in a year, you’ll become completely independent. Then you really can travel the world while your cleaning company earns for you.

How much money can I earn from the cleaning business?

How much can you earn monthly? It depends on your desire; the sky is the limit 🙂

An example from practice shows that if you have 10 associates, who can do an average of 15 cleanings per day, the gross earnings will be about $4500 on a daily basis, if you give the associate 50%, you will have a gross of $2250 left, which would be when all expenses are deducted amounted to 2150 dollars in daily earnings.

Daily net earnings = $2150
Monthly net income = $47,300
Annual net earnings = $567,600

Now that you have information about how the cleaning business works, think about whether this is for you. Of course, ThemeStreet can always help you realize your dreams, if you really want it <3

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