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Starting a new business can be challenging, and it’s very important to carefully choose the right steps that lead to success. Sometimes this is hard and it’s okay to seek help. Also, money is one of the most important elements when it comes to business and it’s completely normal that you want to go through all of the options and make a rational investment decision. The digital era has shown us how much simpler life can be, while on the other hand, we’ve learned how the online environment is necessary nowadays. The cleaning industry has evolved with the help of practical online tools that make business easier. The entire process, from making the deal, manipulating the schedule, and all the way to implementation, is much simpler in just a few clicks. Through all these phases, a suitable website is a priority, as well as a system that provides support for scheduling an appointment and finishing the job.  So basically, if you offer cleaning services and want your customers to have the best possible online experience, you need the right solutions that most likely cost a lot. Although every business needs investment if you want it to be successful, sometimes large expenditures can be discouraging. What if we told you that from now on you can get everything you need to start for free? No, this is not a joke, so stay tuned to learn about a phenomenal next-generation solution for your business.
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What is the Booking Plugin?

The Booking Plugin is a WordPress feature that allows users to decide on scheduling an appointment and choose the wanted date and time. The possibility of booking makes easier the entire scheduling process for both users and business owners. You’ll agree that it’s much simpler to make decisions from your comfortable armchair, right?

While you’re creating a website, it’s most important to think about your clients’ needs, so you can provide them with simplicity. Deciding on appointments makes users feel more in control of their decisions, so they’re more willing to use online booking services. Also, the digital environment provides greater automation of such processes, so you don’t have to worry about the potential difficulties that come with manual, live interaction with users.

The Booking Plugin in the Cleaning industry

Many people these days are looking for help with routine daily tasks, especially when it comes to household chores. Changing goals and speed of life over the years have led to reprioritization, so people spend much more time working and solving more important obligations. Household duties are among the tasks that are often neglected due to lack of time, and this is where cleaning agencies come in, providing all the necessary services. But if you want to do your job well, it’s important to choose your options carefully.

The possibility of booking is absolutely necessary for the cleaning industry. If you want your users to get the best treatment, you have to offer them what they need simply.

Free Booking Software

If cleaning business owners want the possibility of booking on their website, they have to use some of the external services that cost about 150 USD per month. Also, it’s necessary to pay for the WordPress theme rental, which ultimately leads to a cost that includes only the presence of the website on the Internet, without advertising and other necessary things. That’s why many people give up creating online content to promote their services. Turning away from the digital part of the business is never a good option, so what is the alternative?

For those who are trying very hard to start their business and do not have many financial resources to invest in expensive online tools, a great solution is ThemeStreet Appointments. This is a light version of the software in the form of a WordPress plugin that provides the scheduling option and displays the final price to customers.

Using this plugin is completely free and makes it easier for the owner to start a business more simply and affordably while offering his clients every option they need.

How does the Free Booking Plugin work?

When reserving cleaning services, the user has the option to enter:

  • Personal data
  • Address
  • House/apartment specifications (number of rooms, bathrooms, the size of the space that needs to be cleaned, etc.)

The business owner can enter and edit the options he offers at any time, and even the design of the booking page is not much different compared to paid services.

After the user submits the booking form, the business owner receives an email with all the information about the house owner and the job, as well as the time when the house owner would like it to be done. In the end, they confirm and finalize the cleaning deal.

Free vs. Paid Booking Services

Free tools are definitely more attractive, because why wouldn’t we use something that doesn’t have to be paid for? However, until now the practice has shown that everything free has limitations, which is why it’s often better to choose the paid version. But guess what, there is an exception!

ThemeStreet offers business owners exactly what they need to create an online presence on the web. As professionals in the cleaning industry, they carefully follow the trends and needs of their clients. The free booking plugin seemed like an excellent solution but also supports all small entrepreneurs who work hard to achieve goals and help their users.

The important difference is that free booking software does not offer the possibility of online payment, as well as the possibility of creating time slots. So, the business owner can’t define the free terms from which the customer chooses the one. Instead of that, the customer arbitrarily enters the term that would suit him the most, and then the business owner answers if it’s available.

Such differences are not crucial and do not affect the quality of the cleaning services, or the user experience, but it’s very important to highlight all the details of using the free booking plugin.

The great advantage is that you don’t have to change anything if your business grows and you decide to switch to a paid service such as Launch27 and BookingKoala, even the appearance of your website can stay the same.

How to get the Free Booking Service?

Once you decide you want to use all the benefits of the free version, everything else is very simple and you don’t have to think much. Just contact the following email address and your business journey can finally begin – [email protected]. You can get all the necessary information and answers to all your doubts and don’t need to worry about technical stuff. You will have support throughout the process, while you can focus more attention on developing the business.

Every beginning is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be so stressful if you choose the right solutions for your business. With all the necessary tasks you have to deal with daily, the online placement doesn’t have to be another obstacle. So choose practical, flexible, and dedicate all your creativity to what you love the most!

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