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10 Ultimate Reasons Why your Small Business Needs a Website

You must be wondering why we are writing about the necessity of having a website. Everybody knows that they need one - don’t they? Well, not exactly.
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Believe it or not, statistics say that only 53% of small businesses actually have a website. Such a situation leaves us with at least 47% of small businesses that are not visible on the internet at all.

This information was quite shocking for someone who lives and works in the 21st century. I bet that you all thought that everyone who runs a business, even if it is a lemonade stand, must have a website nowadays. But, it is not true. There are literally thousands of business owners who don’t have their website. And if you ask them why they have the best excuses in the world – they don’t have the time, or the money to make it happen. What they don’t realize is that they are losing a lot of both, time and money, by not having a website.

So, to help such people understand that they can benefit from having an online presence we have decided to create the ultimate list of 10 reasons why their small business needs a website. Here we go:

#1 Present your company to the world

If you have a shop, you have declared to the world “Here I am, selling stuff, come and buy something!” The same rule applies to the website, but instead addressing only your neighbors and citizens, you are presenting your offer and your work to the entire world. That is why you should take a chance and spread your word online.

#2 Build your brand in a way you want

You are the one who is setting rules on your website, so you get to decide what you will say and how, how it will look like and what will be your message to the world. Creating a website from the start is an excellent opportunity to start building your business brand. If you already have initiated the process, great! Simply use a site to upgrade your branding and to make it even better and more recognizable.

#3 Be available all the time 24/7/365

You can’t keep your shop open all the time, can you? But you can have your website up and running all the time without making any extra effort. Allow people to see what you are offering late in the evening, over weekends and holidays, even in the middle of the night. While you have your rest, your website will help your future customers find you.

#4 Have a low-cost marketing machinery

It is awfully expensive to have conventional marketing campaigns, but online marketing can be quite affordable. Once you set your website you have what to show, so you can start investing in online ads. It can be equally effective as conventional commercials, and it costs far less.

#5 Create an online catalog

You may as well call it a portfolio because it should display the best pieces of your work. And you can have it online, on your website, available to all the visitors all the time. Why make a hard copy brochure that no one reads anymore when you can have a modern, good-looking catalog that people can check any time they want?

#6 Win some new customers

You may be well known in your town and neighborhood, but a few more customers can always do you good. They can come from across the town, or across the land, you never know. But the important thing is that they will come eventually. People can recognize good service and quality products, so if you have one, they will find you online and get in touch with you.

#7 Improve your customer service

It is great to have a face-to-face conversation with your clients, but you can’t always be at work. To make yourself available, you should let them get in touch with you even when you are not in the office, or in the shop. Allow them to email you after hours and reply as soon as you can. The new communication channel can benefit both of you and even attract some “more shy” customers to start a conversation with you. Some people are just more fond to email than live words.

#8 Keep up with your competitors

Believe me, your competitors are already online, winning your customers because you are not around. Don’t allow that to happen. Maybe you are not the first one who gets online, but you can still join the party and ensure your presence on the internet.

#9 Avoid appearing in no-website-company-listings

Don’t you just hate when you run into such listings when you are googling for an address or contact information of some shop you hear of from a friend? I get instantly disappointed when I find out that they don’t have a website and that I can’t find out more about that business. I give up searching and getting in touch immediately. Don’t let losing customers over such a thing. Build your website on time.

#10 Having a website just makes you look good

It may sound silly, but it’s true. Do you want to be one of those companies that are run over by time? Of course, you don’t! Having a website proves that you can keep up and makes you look good in the eyes of your customers. And the better the website, the better the looks.

Are you convinced that you need a website now? These are all solid reasons why you should have one, so start planning the time and money budget for a website project immediately. You will see the benefits in a matter of months.

In case you are not a small business owner who doesn’t have a website, but you happen to know such a person, please share this article with her. You will be doing her a favor.

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